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Get help for your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and electronics questions from our experts. Each of our experts have at least 15 years experience (the old fat guy has 30), and we know how to help you! Just choose your option to the right, and we will get back to you shortly. $5 per single problem with an emailed answer, $10 for up to 10 minutes of phone support, $25 for a 10 minute video call using Skype, Google, or Facebook video Chat. All options include emailed code, libraries, and schematics. Problem solved, or your money back.


Chad Harzke - "I fought with an Arduino sketch for 6 hours yesterday. Steve helped me fix it in a few minutes. Easy to follow and worked on MY level! Thanks!"
Dave C. - “Steve helped me until my problem was fixed. I would definitely use this service again.”


  1. The tutorial on the HX 711 scale is not very clear on how to calibrate the scale, or how to set it to give a eg 2.003g reading {more decimal places} rather than say 2.3g. Can any one be clearer on how to do these adjustments

    1. Hello everyone!!!

      I need to control my temperature system by Internet, any electronic card that can make the computer network connection.

      If so, what are the steps to follow?
      what kind of programming should I use?

      please reply in my mail

      I remain with your comments

  2. Vorrei acquistare il vostro prodotto per monitorare la parte DC di un impianto fotovoltaico ad Isola 24V 1000Ah.


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