Citizen Science Book

The Citizen Scientist's Guide to using the Arduino & Raspberry Pi 

 I am in the process of writing a book on the Citizen Scientist, using the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. A Citizen Scientist is an amateur, or non-professional, scientist that monitors and record data from the world around us. The first section of the book will be centered on climate and weather science. Future sections will delve into all types of physical, earth, and life sciences. The first chapter is free, the following chapters are designed to be informative, and inexpensive mini projects. Parts needed to complete each project are listed in each chapter. Your download link is provided immediately after purchase. Follow us on Twitter for book updates!

Feedback is greatly appreciated so that I can improve the book.

Chapter 1 - Introducing the Arduino (Free)

Chapter 2 - Temperature & Humidity ($2.50)

Chapter 3 - Barometric Pressure ($2.50)

Chapter 4 - Sensing Light ($2.50)

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  1. Hi, I just ran across this on your G+ page. I am in the process of putting together a Pi based pH and Millivolt controller for waste water treatment processes. I'm using Pi 2B+ with a touchscreen and sensor boards. They will control relays to turn the chemical feed pumps on and off for the treatment system control. Eventually it will be tied into a server and will be controlled remotely with various alarm settings. Still a ways away but coming together soon.


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