Friday, May 18, 2018

RPM into MPH? Building a Anemometer!

I'm building an anemometer to measure wind speed. I'm building the typical 3 cup style anemometer, and using a hall effect sensor (digital, non-latching) to trigger an arduino (or esp8266).

It's a open collector unit (output pulls low when triggered with a magnet), and therefore uses a 10k ohm pull up resistor, or use

pinMode(inPin, INPUT_PULLUP);

val = digitalRead(inPin); // read the input pin

and watch for a LOW (FALLING when using interrupts -

Inside the unit, I want to pass a small magnet across the sensor. I could use 1 or more magnets, and adjust the code for the number of pulses (triggers) per revolution. Let's assume 1 magnet, so one pulse per revolution.

The math looks like this:

RPM = cycles per second (Hz) * 60 seconds per minute / # of magnets

(to count cycles per second or HZ -

FPM = Diameter (inches) / 12 * 𝝅 * RPM

FPH = FPM * 60

MPH = FPH / 5280

So 3" / 12 * 3.14 * 100 RPM * 60  / 5280 = 7.14 MPH

RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
FPM = Feet Per Minute
FPH = Feet Per Hour
MPH = Miles Per Hour
𝝅 = 3.14 (pi)
Diameter = inches from center of shaft to center of cup * 2

More on this to come.

Optical Tach

Hall Effect Tach

Ultrasonic speed and direction, no moving parts
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