Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Arduino connected Micro Epsilon Laser Micrometer

With the success of our Igaging / Mitutoyo and Harbor Freight digital measuring devices projects, now it's time to turn our attention to the Micro-Epsilon Laser Micrometer, optoCONTROL 2600.

There are several types of outputs, including analog, digital RS-232 and RS-422, and Binary or ASCII options. We chose ASCII on the RS-422 output (9600, 8N1), and connected a RS-422 to TTL converter to a Arduino Nano clone using SoftSerial. Wiring is as follows:

Micro Epsilon DB25:
Pin 8 (Tx-) to RS-422 R+ //inverted data
Pin 7 (Rx-) to RS-422 T-
Pin 20 (Rx+) to RS-422 T+
Pin 21 (Tx+) to RS-422 R- //inverted data
Pin 22 (gnd) to RS-422 gnd

VCC to Arduino +5v
Gnd to Arduino Gnd
Tx to Arduino D4 (Rx) // now Serial1 Rx
Rx to Arduino D3 (Tx) // now Serial1 Tx

Follow along at the Arduino Forum as we attempt to decode the data from this gadget!

UPDATE: We have switched to a MEGA2560 with it's hardware UART's, instead of using the Nano and SoftSerial. This allows faster data acquisition.

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