Tuesday, February 20, 2018

FreePBX - Open Source PBX Phone System

I just installed FreePBX, a linux based open source phone system at work (12 SIP trunks, 40 extensions), and thought, why not a home / small office unit based on a Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi can easily support 2 or more SIP trunks, and enough IP phones for the whole family to have a extension or even a private DID. The FreePBX software is free, the Raspberry Pi is inexpensive (about $80 for a complete kit) and PolyCom IP Phones are readily available for around $80 each. Now you can have individual voicemail (email integrated), auto attendant, paging / intercom, and music on hold just like the big boys.

Arduino integration? Yes your Arduino can make outbound calls with prerecorded alerts!

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