Saturday, December 31, 2016

Arduino Cousins Rejoined in 1.8.0

The two forks of the Arduino IDE have been rejoined into one. No longer are there separate IDE's from and Boards from both companies and new additions from Adafruit are supported. This is great news for the Arduino Community. Requires Java 8 to run, but well worth the upgrade!

Arduino IDE 1.8.0 works out of the box with AVR boards, like the Uno, Mega, Yun, and Micro, among the most popular. Additionally, it supports the Leonardo Ethernet, Yun Mini, Industrial 101, and Uno WiFi.

The updated SAMD core will provide support for the M0 and M0 PRO, completing the product line that includes the Zero, MKR1000, and the newly-launched Primo and MKRZero.

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