Monday, November 14, 2016

Arduino Scale Speedometer Part 2 - 7 Segment LED's

In part two (see part 1 for the train detection circuit) we are addressing the three 7 segment displays. We are using Common Anode displays, so we send a low to each segment to light them up. Use whatever you have available, and use the data sheet for your displays and map accordingly.

 This image shows each segment, and assigns a letter to each, to help with the wiring.

The next image shows the pin numbers and positions looking at the face of the display.

Now we show which segment is assigned to which pin, and the polarity of the pins. Since we are using Common Anode, the LED symbols point down,or away from the common positive (5v) signal (pins 3 & 8). A LOW is sent to each pin to light up the associated segment. If you are using Common Cathode, then the diodes would point up, 3 & 8 would connect to ground, and a HIGH would be sent to each segment to light them.

As is the case with all LED's, a current limiting resistor is needed to prevent the LED from burning out. The one you pick is dependent upon your source voltage, and the LED. We are using 400 Ohm resistors for this project.

The next post will address using a I2C port expander to free up the 24 pins the display uses.

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