Saturday, January 2, 2016

Using a 4x4 Keypad

Part 1 - I was working on a project for someone who needed a keypad for password entry. I couldn't find my 3x4 keypad, but found a 4x4 keypad in one of my parts boxes. I modified the example sketch that comes with the excellent keypad library to work with this particular keypad. I couldn't find a set of extended headers to directly connect the keypad to the Arduino, so I used a small protoboard.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Arduino Nintendo DS Touch Screen

Today I hope to add some clarification to a popular project, based on a Nintendo DS Touch Screen, with breakout board from Sparkfun ($10).

The concept is simple. Print out a picture of your buttons, sliders, etc., slide it under the glass, and with a series of if statements, create zones of co-ordinates that fit the printed controls.

SN754410 H-Bridge Motor Controller

One of our upcoming projects is a wireless controller for model railroading. A tiny Arduino installed in the engine with a wireless receiver and a H Bridge motor controller chip will allow us to go forward, reverse, coast, brake, and have speed control. Today we are testing the H Bridge chip, a SN754410 from Sparkfun ($2.35).


A few posts ago we discussed building your own I2C display to reduce the pin count from 6 to two. We have also added 5 inputs to this project, a video of the commercial version, and posted the instructable that you can vote on at

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