Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Building a IoT Server

The "Internet of Things" is one of the most exciting topics around these days. Millions of internet enabled gadgets sending data to a data storage & reporting server, and retrieving data back for local control or display.

Our last post described sending sensor data to a server. Today we will discuss more about setting up that server. We are using a hosting service (Hostgator) which gives easy control panel access to html directories, email accounts, and MySQL databases.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sending sensor data to a web server

Build your own IOT service! Collect sensor data and send it to a web/database server.

Today's project uses an Arduino equipped with a Ethernet shield, and a DHT-11 temperature / humidity sensor.

Arduino UNO
Arduino Ethernet Shield
DHT-11 Module

(ESP8266 / BME280 Version)
(UNO / WiFi BME280 Version)

The Arduino reads the DHT-11, and submits the data to a php script on a hosted web server. That php page inserts the data into a mySQL database, and another php page creates a web page displaying the data as you can see below.

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