Monday, March 30, 2015

Wind & Solar Datalogger

We are rolling out our newest Wind & Solar Power Datalogger. A shunt between the battery and the power sources (wind turbines, solar panels, microhydro, your cousin on the exercycle), tell us the current being generated, and a voltage divider reads the voltage of the battery pack. From that we can calculate the watts being produced. With our SD Card and RTC Module, we can calculate amp hours and watt hours, and save them to a sd card. A second shunt between the battery and the loads will also tell us our power consumption, and then we can calculate the approximate level of juice left in the battery. We have also designed a website where you can upload the contents of your SD card, and track your production (and consumption) over time. Although this was designed for those without internet access at the monitoring site, if you do have internet access, we offer real time data uploads.

Additional sensors track weather related data like temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, wind chill, wind speed and direction, rainfall, UV Index, Radiation and more. Kits and documentation will be available soon.

Cost is $199 delivered in the US. Includes Programmed arduino, LCD screen, SD card and module, real time clock, Screw Shield, and current shunt. Also includes web interface and data storage for archiving, searching data, and graphing.

Email me at so we can discuss your particular needs and application.

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