Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Raffle - Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure & Light Sensor Board

Congratulations Roger!

For April, we are raffling off a protoboard with a temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and light sensor on board, with a RJ-45 connector for running a patch cord back to your arduino. Put this board in a clear vented project box outdoors and be a Citizen Scientist!
All participants will be sent code, full schematics and connection instructions.
Tickets are $5

See for more details on sensors and code!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Water / Chemical / Fuel level Sensors

eTape™ Continuous Fluid Level Sensor
The Next Generation of Liquid Level Sensor Technology

The eTape Liquid Level Sensor is a solid-state sensor with a resistive output that varies with the level of the fluid (liquid or powder).  It does away with clunky mechanical floats, and easily interfaces with electronic control systems.  
The eTape sensor's envelope is compressed by the hydrostatic pressure of the fluid in which it is immersed. This results in a change in resistance that corresponds to the distance from the top of the sensor to the surface of the fluid. The sensor's resistive output is inversely proportional to the height of the liquid: the lower the liquid level, the higher the output resistance; the higher the liquid level, the lower the output resistance.

eTape sensors can be manufactured in custom lengths to fit any application. Contact Milone Technologies if you have an application that requires specific length, configuration or output characteristics.

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