Monday, March 24, 2014

RFID Access Control

Need to identify a RFID card, and allow access to a controlled space? Maybe log the time and date when a user swipes their card?

Now you can with an inexpensive (<$10) RFID solution. Just supply a Arduino, and maybe a relay to control a door strike, or a real time clock module to log date and time with the card number and user name. 

We connected our RFID Module as follows:

RFID     Arduino
SDA      10
SCK      13
MOSI    11
MISO    12
IRQ       N/C
Gnd       Gnd
RST       9
3.3v       3.3v

We also connected the anode of a Red LED to pin 6 and the anode of a Green LED to Pin 5. Cathodes of each connect to a 330 ohm resistor and then to Gnd. Look in void loop() for the interesting bits.




  1. I dont find a N/C port on my Arduino uno, what yo do?

  2. I tried to upload the code but I had an error. error: espcomm_upload_mem failed

    1. Sounds like you are using a esp8266, not an arduino. Make sure you have the correct board and upload speed selected.

  3. Hey, May I ask you an Question? How to connect database(Microsoft Access) with arduino UNO?

    1. Use VBA to connect access to the arduino. VBA has a serial object that is ideal for this.

  4. Hey could that reader detect my contactless bank card?

    1. I doubt it, but check here for more details -


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