Saturday, February 22, 2014

ELEC Freaks LCD Key Shield

I'm playing with the ELEC Freaks LCD Key Shield, and this is a simple and fun to use Arduino Shield that contains a 2 line LCD, a rotary encoder,  a joystick, plus headers of unused pins for additional sensors.

First, a warning. On my Arduino, the lcd pins could touch the top of the USB jack (a common issue for many shields), so cover the top of the jack with two layers of electrical tape.

Now, attach the shield to your Arduino. I'm using a SainSmart Rev 3 UNO, but this shield predates the rev 3 specification, so make sure you seat it properly.

Download the code at

This shield uses digital pins 4-10 for the LCD, digital 2 & 3 for the rotary encoder, and analog 0 for the joystick.

Pins available to you for other devices on top of the shield are D13-D11, A5-A1, VCC (5v), and Gnd.

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