Saturday, July 13, 2013

Introducing the SainSmart 1.8 SPI LCD

The SainSmart 1.8 SPI LCD module is a great little display. It uses 5 I/O pins (4 if using the Arduino Reset). It displays clear graphics and text, and has a microsd slot on the back.

I connected the display as follows:

Display - Arduino

VCC - 5v
Gnd - Gnd
SCL - pin 13
SDA - pin 11
RS/DC - Pin 9
Reset - Pin 8
CS - pin 10

The zip file available from download from their site has an pre-1.0 library. I had to change WProgram.h to Arduino.h in ST7735.h to get the samples to compile.

We will be using this display shortly to show temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, and log the data to a microsd card.

Introducing the SainSmart Uno

I received a box of goodies in UPS this week from SainSmart. I'll be introducing each item I recieved, working up an example, and then mixing them up into fun and interesting projects. The first item I'd like to introduce is the SainSmart Uno.

This $16 Arduino R3 Uno clone is unique in that not only does it have the typical Uno shield headers, but it also has GVS 3 pin headers for each I/O pin.

I plugged it into my USB port, and with no fuss, it installed itself as a Uno on Com7. Now on to the first project!

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