Saturday, October 26, 2013

Arduino Bluetooth to Bluetooth Communication

Our Bluetooth project will have two Arduino's talking to each other. This will allow us to have a weather station remote talk to the indoor display system. These modules only accept a 3.3v RX signal, so I added a voltage divider to prevent the Arduino 5v signaling from damaging the module. I have the two modules connected to their repective Arduino's, and set the baud rate and pairing codes using a AT Command sketch. Not successful transmitting data bluetooth to bluetooth yet, but am able to pair from my laptop and my Android phone.

Update! With the help of Mike McRoberts, we found the problem. We have 2 identical HC-06's which are hard coded master or slave from the factory. What we need are the HC-05's, which are field settable for master or slave.

Code available!

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