Sunday, January 6, 2013

Build the $15 Arduino

Since I don't want to dedicate a $22 Arduino UNO for every project (for space reasons, not price), I've started embedding a Atmel 328 chip into my projects. You can build your own Arduino UNO compatible for approximately $15 (buy parts in bulk, and make several), depending on the options you want to include. This DIY Arduino will be the foundation for a series of books we are writing based on the Arduino and general electronics.

The bare minimum needed to build is the following:

Qty. (1) ATMEGA328P (with Arduino Bootloader) $2.95
Qty. (1) 28 pin socket (optional, but highly recommended)
Qty. (2) 22pf ceramic capacitors
Qty. (2) 100nf (.1 uf) ceramic capacitors
Qty. (1) 16 mHz crystal $2.57
Qty. (1) 6 pin male header (for FTDI Programming Cable, see parts link above)

Qty. (1) 150 ohm 1/4w resistor &
Qty. (1) Green LED (pin 13 indicator)

Qty. (1) PCB Momentary Tactile Push Button Switch (reset)

Power supply:
Qty. (1) LM7805 5v voltage regulator
Qty. (2) 10uf electrolytic caps
Qty. (1) Green LED
Qty. (1) 150 Ohm 1/4w resistor

Full instructions on assembly are located at

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