Sunday, November 11, 2012

4 Pin DIN Security Camera

I needed to know the pin designations on a small home security camera that was given to me. This post actually has little to do with the Arduino directly. I'm building a Arduino based security system, and this camera was given to me, so I decided to include it.

It has no name, only the model number (080800-24t) and uses the OV5116 camera chipset. I searched the net, but could not find an full explanation. I did find pieces of info from several sources, so I thought I'd put it all together in one place in case someone else was also looking.

It turns out it's from a "Homeland Security” brand camera and monitor set that was being sold at Walmart around 2001. It has a small 4 pin DIN type plug, and the wires are red/white/yellow/black. The camera has 6 IR (night vision) LEDs and a mic...

1. White (Audio)
2. Yellow (Video)
3. Black (Common Ground)
4. Red (+12vdc)

It's a Black and White Model. Reportedly the "Night Vision" portion barely works on these and the picture isn't very clear even during the day...  

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