Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wearing your Arduino

One of the more interesting aspects of Arduino's is taking them with you. Now I don't mean putting a bunch of parts in a small box and sticking it in your pocket, but actually integrating the circuits, conductive thread, and I/O into a garment, using buttons, zippers, LED's, and even solar cells and rechargeable batteries for power. Light yourself up, make sound, build a gps bracelet, and much more. Only your imagination is the limit. There are special sewable, wearable arduino boards (Lilypad & Flora), or you can make your own. A fantastic reference that will start you down this path is Arduino Wearables, a hefty tome (300+ pages and I couldn't put it down once I started reading it) that describes the ins and outs of integrating intelligence into clothing, and spends as much time on sewing topics (make a electronic beatbox hoodie) as it does coding and circuits. I'll be interviewing Tony Olsson, and posting the interview shortly.
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