Saturday, March 10, 2012

Circuit Lab - Sketch, simulate, and share schematics

For Students & Educators

Draw and print beautiful schematics for lab reports. In-browser simulations make it easy to quickly learn electronics concepts via just-for-fun playing and guided exploration. Our tools complement undergraduate and graduate electrical engineering classes, as well as high school and college physics curriculum.

For Hobbyists & Tinkerers

CircuitLab lets you rapidly test circuit ideas before breadboarding. And when we host your circuit, we provide you with a convenient image and link that you can use to share your circuit on online forums or your own website, so you can contribute to or get help from the hobbyist community.

For Practicing Engineers

Our user-friendly schematic capture tool lets you explore the design space in a fraction of the time of traditional tools. SPICE-like models with a mixed-mode simulation engine help you apply one tool to a wide range of design tasks, from digital to analog, DC to VHF and beyond.


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    1. Hi, I came across another cool one at - - this one has real looking devices and components.


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