Saturday, December 17, 2011

A platform for microcontrolled electro-mechanical, hydraulics, and pneumatics

We've talked about Grid Beam as a inventors and experimenters dream before, but the more we dig into it, the more we get excited about it. If you missed our last article on the subject, Grid Beam is a system of easy to bolt together modular components made of metal, wood, or plastic. This system has been developed over the past 60+ years, starting with the original inventor, Ken Isaacs. He called the system "Living Structures".

Ideal for rapid prototyping, ease of disassembly, moving and reassembly. Fun for kids and adults. Solar mounts, wind turbines, hydroelectric, electric vehicles (cars, trains, submarines and more) are just some of the ways to use this system. We develop solutions using microcontrollers in a variety of electro-mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications and have many uses for grid beam as a platform for these solutions. Check it out!

How to build with Grid Beam

Isaacs, Ken - How To Build Your Own Living Structures (Free Download)

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