Thursday, October 13, 2011

Digimatic SPC to Arduino

10/14/2015 Update! Now works with Igaging Origin Series Micrometers, Calipers, and Scales.

12/2/2011 Update! We are now reading data from the micrometer, and calculating bin numbers for gear sorting and pump builds. We take 3 samples of a gear, and reject the gear if there is too much variation between the samples.

The Digimatic SPC protocol is a communications protocol developed by Mitutoyu, the big guns in Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, Scales and more. These devices have a data port that allows you to communicate with a microprocessor or microcontroller, for data logging and other measuring applications.

Mitutoyo 05CZA662, Digimatic Cable, 40", With Data Switch for Coolant Proof Micrometers

Code, diagrams, and specs. -

Instructable -

Interface Boards -

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  1. Thanks to Grumpy_Mike (Mike Cook) from we are now getting readings from the Micrometer. Have to play a bit more with the binary output, and stuff the different pieces of the data stream into variables, but we are very close!

  2. Thanks to GoForSmoke on the Arduino forums for a very useful bit reversal function that really woke this project up!,79900.45.html


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