Friday, October 22, 2010

Robots: Amateur UAVs - mp3

Robots: Amateur UAVs - mp3

In today’s episode we speak about flying robots with Chris Anderson, founder ofDIY Drones which is now the largest amateur UAV community in the world, and one of the largest robotics communities.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson is Editor-in-chief of the very well known magazine WIRED. In his free time, he discovered a passion for making flying robots with his son and launched the internet blog DIY Drones which now has nearly 12,000 members and about 1 million page views per month. The goal of the blog is to give you all the necessary tools to build your blimp, plane or quadrotor in a low cost, safe and easy way. The community relies on a development team of more than 100 active developers contributing to about a dozen projects, both hardware and software. One of their products, the ArduPilotautopilot, can be strapped to your flyers for autonomous control. In a rather new twist in the industry, DIY Drones focusses on making open source hardware that can be used by all in the same spirit as open source software.
Anderson covers all the questions you ever had about making flying robots, including safety and legal aspects. He also discusses risks in putting this technology in the wrong hands and some anecdotes of crazy projects coming out of the community. -

Sunday, October 17, 2010

PIR Motion Sensors

Using an Arduino for motion sensing is a fun project. It's fairly inexpensive, and doesn't require a high skill level. You can trigger an LED, an alarm, or even open a door.

From Blue Smoke Labs:

One of our best selling products is our PIR sensors, they are cheap and relatively easy to set up. But for those new to Arduino it can be a bit of a daunting task so we have some up with this tutorial to cover the basics of setting it up, coding it and in the end you will be making an LED blink when motion is detected.
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